Mission & Values

Donnelly’s Mission

Donnelly College is a Catholic institution of higher education that seeks to continue the mission of Jesus Christ in our time by making the love of God tangible in our world.

Specifically, the mission of Donnelly College is to provide education and community services with personal concern for the needs and abilities of each student, especially those who might not otherwise be served.

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Donnelly's Values

As a Catholic institution of higher education, our faculty and educational programs seek the integration of knowledge, promote the dialogue between faith and reason, and encourage concern for the ethical and moral implications of knowledge.

Donnelly is dedicated to continuing our pursuit and promotion of excellence in all academic, service,support and outreach efforts.

We acknowledge our Benedictine values by serving as a welcoming, valued institution to our surrounding communities while recognizing that, as an organization, relationships, trust and respect are central to our success.

The College recognizes that intellectual, experiential, perspective and background diversity creates learning opportunities, broadens views and enhances understanding of all persons.

By encouraging all persons and promoting a culture of respect and support through our education programs, we can generate opportunities for each person to fulfill their individual potential.

We value higher education as a path to personal growth, self-sufficiency and as an opportunity to fulfill each individual’s potential and thus contribute to a more just society.

As an anchor in Kansas City, we acknowledge our responsibility to our region and Church, seeking to preserve and communicate knowledge while promoting social justice and exploring new venues for our work.