Gateway to College Admissions 

Traditional high school isn’t a good fit for everyone. There are many reasons why students fall behind. Frequent absences, family responsibilities and language challenges are among the many factors that impact students’ success.

Yet it’s incredibly important to finish high school and get a diploma — and in today’s world, graduation is just the first step. Most good jobs require education beyond high school. If you’ve fallen behind in high school or you’ve already dropped out, Gateway to College at Donnelly College may be just right for you.

Gateway to College gives students like you a second chance. You can earn a high school diploma and begin working on your associate degree or certificate. It’s free and it’s available to motivated students like you!

Gateway to College is for students who are:

  • 16–20 years old
  • Behind in credits for high school graduation
  • Motivated to graduate from high school
  • Interested in going to college

Need more information? Contact:

Juan Rangel
Gateway to College Director
(913) 621-8715